Simple Homemade Sausage Rolls

Homemade Sausage Rolls by Fronie Mae Bakes

As a kid my husband's family would make sausage rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning. We have carried on this tradition with our family only instead of using full links inside the rolls, I have started making them with ground sausage. This insures that the sausage is fully cooked after you take the rolls out of the oven and my family simply loves them this way. I do end up making these a few more times a year instead of just at the holidays since we enjoy them so much. Give them a try, they are simple to make and can be made ahead of time, refrigerated and heated up when you need them. 

Sausage Rolls (click here to print recipe)

  • 18 Frozen Rhodes Dinner Rolls thawed
  • 1 Jimmy Dean roll of breakfast sausage (we enjoy the hot)

Cook sausage per instructions. Flatten out eat rolls (like you were making a pizza crust) place a tablespoon of cooked sausage in the center of the dough then, fold in half and pinch the side closed.  Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray and layout rolls about 2 inches apart.  Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Take rolls out of oven when they are a light golden brown on the top. Lightly brush butter on top of hot rolls. Serve warm and enjoy!